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Is there a sitting fee?


How long is a shoot?

At least an hour, more likely at least two.  I enjoy shooting and don't like to rush.  I want us to take time and create amazing images.

Can we reschedule due to inclement weather or personal situations?

Yes. I understand that things happen.  24 hours notice is appreciated when possible.  


What should I wear?

We can talk about that.  What is the vibe you are going for?  I can also refer you to a stylist if that is an interest to you.


Where will we shoot?

We can talk about that.  I am happy to follow your vision, but I can also make suggestions based on the look you are after.  Anywhere between Baltimore and  Northern Virginia is possible. Further locations are possible but could be subject to travel fees.


Can we shoot inside my house or place of business?

That is possible.  My interest is in creating environmental portraits, so let's talk and make sure I am a good fit for your needs.


Do minors need to be accompanied by an adult?



Can I bring friend?

You should absolutely bring someone with you.  You should not show up to a shoot by yourself.  Should you bring a group of friends?  Probably not, as a group usually ends up being a distraction.


Why do I need to sign a release form?

I want to make sure we are on the same page that you are a willing participant, and that you are completely responsible for any ramifications that might arise from your participation in the photo shoot.  From getting stung by a bee to getting hit by a meteor, I want to make sure you understand that I am not liable for anything that might happen to you during the course of the shoot.  I also would like to use the images we create for publicity.


How long does it take before I can see the proofs?  

Usually proofs are delivered the same day as the shoot.  There may be extenuating circumstances where you will receive your proofs the day after the shoot.


How will I see my proofs?  

You will receive a link to a Google folder where you can view the images from the shoot.


How do I tell you which images I want to purchase?  

I will email you an order form where you can specify the image numbers you would like.

Are all sales final?  

Yes.  Once you have paid and communicated your selections to me, I will spend time finalizing the edits to the images. There are no refunds or exchange of images.  However, additional images can be purchased at the cost of $100 per image.


How long will it take to edit the images?

It will depend on how many images you are ordering.  Typically, there is a two to three-day turnaround time per set of ten images.


What is the difference between an edited image and a proof?  

A proof is an image straight out of the camera with a global adjustment made in regard to white balance and exposure.  The proof you view will be a low resolution image that is watermarked.  An edited image is a high resolution image that is color corrected with lighting ratios balanced.  Minor skin flaws and imperfections to the image can be corrected.  It is not my style to do any major edits to the skin, or body modifications (make you taller or thinner), or composite you onto different backgrounds.  My art is to capture your natural beauty in a physical space that has meaning to you.


How will I receive my edited images?

After payment is received you will be given a link to a Google folder where you can download the edited images.  It is your responsibility to download and back up your purchased images.


What can I do with my purchased images?

You are free to download and print the images.  You can also share your images on social media.  It would be appreciated if you give me a shout-out!


How long will you keep the images on file? Purchased and non purchased images will be kept on file for 30 days.

What forms of payment do you accept?



*payment instructions will be provided on your order form.

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